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WHY IT'S SO AMAZING! Complete your child’s oral care routine with our  NEW Jack N’ Jill Kids Fairy Floss! With Plastic Free Cornstarch handles  and a mild Strawberry flavour, teach your little one to floss!  

  • 30 Eco-Friendly, individually wrapped floss picks
  • Plastic Free, compostable cornstarch handles and packaging
  • Recyclable floss with Strawberry flavor – no nasties
  • Cute giraffe shaped handle in variety of fun colors
  • Slides easily between teeth
  • No PFAS or Teflon-like chemicals.
  • 100% Vegan

Directions: Hold flossing wand between fingers. Gently guide floss  between teeth. Floss in a gentle back & forth, up & down motion  alongside every tooth. After each use remove floss from handle, dispose  in waste bin and compost handle. Biodegradable handle with recyclable floss.