Building Set Four Temperaments

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We have translated the Four Temperaments into a language of form and  color. The result is a colorful building set with 61 building blocks in  free form. The individual building blocks are reminiscent of animals and  various other creatures, and by combining different building elements,  something new is always created that will stimulate and inspire the  imagination.
The predominant temperament determines the specific  mood in which someone usually finds themself. It influences how we feel  and experience life, how we think, act or react.
The Melancholic  temperament has a compassionate and rather sad nature. It is BLUE,  turning inward into the depths, with edges, curves and endurance - like  its element, the Earth.
The Choleric temperament has an active and  fiery nature.It is RED, jagged and sometimes sharp-edged. Its  impulsiveness belongs to the element of Fire.
The Phlegmatic  temperament is steady and content. It is GREEN and still like the  surface of a pond. Its curves and soft shapes correspond to its
element, Water.
The  Sanguine temperament radiates cheerfulness and optimism. It is YELLOW  and shines from within, losing itself in the periphery or in the sky.  Air is its element.
Through a playful approach to the characteristic  features of the temperaments, a feeling for their essence can be  developed. And each person is a unique blend of all Four Temperaments.

61 building blocks in wooden frame, incl. paper template in original size
Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain/non-toxic plant based oil finish.
Size: frame length 44,5 cm, single blocks 4 cm thickness.