Building Set - Weather

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We want to make an abstract topic comprehensible to children in a hands-on way.
 The beautiful shape and feel of the play pieces stimulates the child’s  imagination and stories about the weather can be experienced and  emulated: Let’s comfort Little Rabbit who has hidden under his bed out  of fear of the thunderstorm! Through play fears can be processed and  alleviated.
In form and shape, The Weather Building Set is perfectly matched to our Large Twelve-Piece Rainbows.
 All young builders, of both small and large worlds, can use these  pieces to bring sunshine to their day, to conjure up lightning and  thunder, or let snow and rain fall from the sky. A good storm drives all  the clouds from the sky so that the sun can dry and warm everything  once again.
Size: W = 54 - 210 mm, H = 60 - 138 mm
13 pieces