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Gorgeous denim trousers for those spring and summer days! The Adapazari  trousers feature an elasticated waist with a tie ribbon, pockets on the  hips and cool turn-ups. The tie ribbon has been made in such a way that  it can’t get pulled out whilst tightening, handy! The soft, lightweight  fabric will be beautifully comfy for your little one. These trousers are  perfect for combining with one of our denim tips!

This item of clothing won’t just allow you to make a sustainable choice  for your child('s future), but also for our planet. These trousers are  made from responsibly produced cotton, the Better Cotton Initiative. Not  just nice for your little one, but better for the environment and the  producers too. The 'Better Cotton Initiative' is a special training  programme for farmers to make cotton production more sustainable. The  BCI has taught them, for example, how to produce cotton using less  water, chemicals and pesticides.