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Lovely long sleeve shirt for kids who love to look a little cool ... The  Knox shirt features a wintry print and quote on the chest.The stretch  in the fabric has resulted in a great deal of comfort.  This shirt is  available in a range of different colours.Which one is your favourite?  This item of clothing won’t just allow you to make a sustainable choice  for your child('s future), but also for our planet.This item is made  from responsibly produced cotton, the Better Cotton Initiative. Not just  nice for your little one, but better for the environment and the  producers too.The 'Better Cotton Initiative' is a special training  programme for farmers to make cotton production more sustainable.The BCI  has taught them, for example, how to produce cotton using less water,  chemicals and pesticides. Everything in the Noppies Kids collection can  be combined, so you can easily allow your little one to put together his  own outfit.