Norwich Pants

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The look of denim, but deliciously soft! The Norwich trousers feature an  elasticated waist for extra comfort. The pockets and turn-ups have  resulted in an extra comfy look.     Combine it with the matching TENCEL™ items, or one of the other lovely  items from our collection!     This clothing item consists of at least 50% LENZING™ TENCEL™ lyocell.     Lyocell isn’t just lovely and soft for the skin, but much better for  the environment too. This fabric is made from wood pulp stemming from  sustainably managed forests.     Production of this fabric has minimal impact on the environment because  a closed system is used: the solvents needed during the production  process are continuously reused. It’s how you know you’re making a  conscious choice with this clothing item for yourself and for future  generations.