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How sweet are these dungarees from the  Noppies Baby collection? The Luva dungarees feature a knitted look and  handy inner leg buttons: that’s definitely going to make getting dressed  and changed very easy! And what about those cute ruffles on the  braces?These trousers are already a firm favourite! This item of  clothing won’t just allow you to make a sustainable choice for your  child('s future), but also for our planet. It’s completely made from  organic cotton.The production’s use of natural processes fully supports  the health of the soil, ecosystems and people. And had we mentioned how  deliciously soft it is?

More Information   Material 100% Organic cotton   Fit Regular   Sustainability This  item is made from recycled materials. This not only reduces the use of  water, chemicals and pesticides, but also increases the use of  environmentally friendly raw materials in our products.